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"It's made for kids" is an excuse often used to dismiss criticism towards entertainment made for younger audiences. This article will focus on the matter regarding websites, but there also articles on this topic on the Awful Movies, Crappy Games, Dreadful Literature, and Terrible Shows & Episodes wikis.


It is well known that kids are easier to entertain by simpler things that grownups may find stupid or boring at first. Likewise, kids are unlikely to understand and/or appreciate more highly complicated and mature websites. Because of that, websites targeted at younger audiences tend to be simpler than websites targeted at an older audience, but that doesn't mean that websites aimed at kids should be too simplistic, realistic, and basic.

Often when people criticize kids websites for either poor quality, a toxic userbase, lacking any real substance and/or intelligence, or anything else they don't like, some people might say "It's made for kids" as an excuse for doing so. Sure, it may be made for kids, but that shouldn't be a good enough excuse for making poor-quality, effortless, and excessively kid-friendly websites that teens and grownups will find stupid or poorly-executed. This excuse also makes kids look like idiots with no real taste who will like anything aimed at them, which isn't actually true. Kids are actually smarter than they're given credit for.

On the other hand, some adolescents and grownups dismiss websites targeted at young audiences as "kiddie websites." Just because it's made for kids doesn't mean teenagers and grownups aren't allowed to use them or won't find interest in them. If the website is made well enough, anyone of any age can enjoy it.

Even if a website is aimed at kids, teenagers and grownups may also be interested in it too. There are many websites aimed at younger audiences that can also be enjoyed by grownups, the aforementioned websites are made for kids, but have enough substance and real effort put in to be entertaining for teenagers and grownups and don't pander towards kids (either younger or in their pre-teen years).

There is no excuse for making a poorly-made kids website.

Why This Excuse Sucks

  1. This is just a way for critics and parents to dismiss criticism towards people who criticize awful kids websites.
  2. By pointing out the flaws in kids websites, that can leave improvement and ensure that more kids websites can be made to be enjoyed by grownups as well.
  3. Would you buy a faulty crib just because "it's made for kids"? Would you buy a broken baby seat just because "it's made for kids"? Would you buy a drink mix with tons of toxic chemicals just because "it's made for kids"?
  4. It's possible for kids to like websites that aren't made for kids.
  5. This whole excuse makes kids look like idiots with no real taste who will like anything aimed at them, which isn't actually true. Kids are actually smarter than they're given credit for.
    • In fact, most niche audience shows that are considered a bad enforcement with this excuse once cluttered the wiki in the past, before they were temporarily removed here and once attempted to move to the planned Terrible Niche Audience Shows Wiki, but that wiki closed due to inactivity. As of recent, some niche audience shows have since came back to the wiki.
  6. This excuse encourages kids to stoop to a low level, always ignore the parents and not listen.
  7. The overuse of this excuse is what makes kids websites in general tend to receive a lot of negative reputation from adult audiences nowadays, even though some of these websites don't even deserve these negative backlash they receive or if the websites in question is well recieved.


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