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{{Featured}}<center>'''This is the first page on this wiki! [[User:Dorothy Nightingale|Dorothy Nightingale]] (then known as [[wikia:community:User:KassiasGrandiel|KassiasGrandiel]]), the founder of this wiki, created this article on February 21, 2018, the day this wiki was founded. Also, you can still use the site, but beware of your actions.'''</center>
|name = YouTube
|name = Reception wikis
|Picture = YouTube_Logo_2017.svg
|Picture =
|Caption = <center>The good, the bad, and the ugly of the internet. Isn't always for "you" anymore.
|Caption = <center>The bad wikis that was made in Miraheze should be this.
|Type of site = Video hosting service
|Type of site = Media review
|Language = Multilingual
|Language = Multilingual
|Created by = [[:w:Chad Hurley|Chad Hurley]]<br>
|Created by = Grust <small>(Fandom)</small><br>
Cpend7 <small>(Miraheze)</small>
[[:w:Steve Chen|Steve Chen]]<br>
|Owner =
[[:w:Jawed Karim|Jawed Karim]]
|Date of launch = August 2013
|Owner = [[mh:freshwebsites:Google]] (2006-present)
|Date of launch = February 14, 2005
|Status = Active
|Status = Active
'''Reception wikis''' is a wiki that praises or criticized stuffs, it was opened by Grust on [[Fandom]] & reopened in Miraheze by Cpend7.
'''YouTube''' is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The website was founded by three former PayPal employees, [[:w:Jawed Karim|Jawed Karim]], [[:w:Chad Hurley|Chad Hurley]], and [[:w:Steve Chen|Steve Chen]] back in 2005. It is the world's largest video-sharing website as of nowadays. As of October 2020, YouTube is the second-most popular website in the world, behind Google, according to Alexa Internet, as of May 2019, more than 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. In November 13, 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries. While YouTube is arguably the most successful and well known website of all time, but it has also become what can best be described as the ultimate mixed bag from the years 2013 to 2016, ever since the introduction of one of the faultiest copyright systems on the website in 2010 (after their lawsuit with Viacom), and when Susan Wojcicki became the chairman of YouTube in 2014. However, ever since YouTube changed their logo in 2017, it started going downhill very quickly, and as of November 2021 following the announcement of removing the dislike count for all users, it officially is a bad site, after spending three years in "Average Site Limbo".
==Why Their Business Can't Broadcast Nowadays==
#While YouTube does have plenty of well-received channels such as Cinemassacre, [[mh:amazingyoutubers:PewDiePie]], including modern channels and others, the other part of the community is filled with a terrible userbase with the staff barely enforcing YouTube's guidelines and ignoring tickets. This leads to a lot of questionable videos, YouTubers who upload videos just for profit usually with [[mh:terribletvshows:Clickbait Videos|clickbait]] titles, trolls, political-wings, scummy users, and a lot more, with barely any action being taken against them due to the severe lack of quality control:
##Some YouTubers even do really extreme and sometimes crimes to garner views, such as Logan Paul [[Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video Controversy|filming a corpse in the Aokigahara "Suicide Forest" in Japan]], and Ricegum behaving terribly in Hong Kong. Sometimes, the dangerous activities they do can lead to serious bodily harm or even '''death''', like some [[internet challenges]].
##Most of the commenters are rabid fans/haters, bots, political extremists, overall idiots, and people who try to cram political beliefs onto everything. And because of the number of comments from these groups that are made every day and how ugly and worse it has become, media outlets like to use these comments to represent the entire YouTube community, though they do have a point about the amount of toxicity that goes on.
##Users and other channels can make videos or commentaries against another user or channel due to very absurd or plainly stupid reasons and can instigate drama.
##Hackers are almost rampant in the small YouTube space and can and will, take down a channel or account because they don't agree with them. A big channel isn't entirely immune to this and can happen with big YouTubers.
##You can get dislikes for no reason even if your video or commentary is spot on, and we're not talking about not getting an equilibrium ratio. It's when there are no likes and the first you get is hit with a dislike and no likes and comments.
##There have been known cases of '''[[doxxing]]''' being tied to YouTube users. Behind the Meme's doxxing incident is a prime example.
##There are lots of users who are focused on trolling. Sometimes they can steal someone's video or commentary because they think the user is wrong, a sell-out, or anything like that and cause drama. Many of them also use bots and fake accounts to thumb up their own videos, spam toxic comments and reply to attack others and defend themselves in the comment section, as well as use them to thumb up these comments and replies.
##Despite the fact that YouTuber reviewers are usually more trustworthy than journalists, corruption still exists between certain YouTubers and companies.
##Likewise, some bad Youtubers exist on this site like ImJayStation, Peluchin Entertainment, Jake Paul, N&A productions, GameToons, Butch Hartman (nowadays), Lily Orchard, Gawain Hale Films -POE- (who making bored POE videos with as "The POE Friends are ready to Defeat "Gree Dalek"), HowToBasic (who pioneers clickbait), DistantKingdom (who supports pedophilia), Badabun, Jacknjellify (2020-present, due to the infamous TPoT split) etc.
#The only way to grow on YouTube nowadays, is to promote your content. However, you have to pick a group that is capable of checking out your content and because of how toxic the community on YouTube is, this is a cautionary step to take. Not everyone is also going to care about your content unless you clickbait or have a video experience that not everyone has.
##Speaking of which, the algorithm makes it impossible for smaller average creators to grow organically and to maintain monetization.
#Numerous features added to YouTube by Google are almost always heavily disliked. Most notably the now-removed [[Google+]] integration was panned for being plain broken, often asking the user to set up his channel even though they already did it. Along with uninspired services such as YouTube Gaming, YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music with which YouTube tried to compete with [[Twitch]], [[Mh:freshwebsites:Netflix|Netflix]], cable TV and [[mh:freshwebsites:Spotify|Spotify]] with little success. Some of them also don't make sense name-wise, as the whole point of the phrase "YouTube" is that you can broadcast what you want.
#Adpocalypse (which most YouTubers are struggling with while shovelware and fetishes are just chilling because the bots cannot decide on what's monetized or not).
#On November 10, 2021, YouTube announced the removal of public dislike counts and making the dislike counter private to only the creator of the video to "protect creators", which came in full effect on all users on November 29 the same year. In addition, the public dislike count on the YouTube API will go away on December 13. It shows that they can't handle criticism and are very immature and sensitive. They were so unclear about it that it looked as if they were removing this feature entirely, causing users to think that YouTube themselves cannot handle criticism for things like their YouTube Rewind 2018 video. And their excuse? "Protecting" smaller creators from criticism. Without a dislike counter, it's harder for users to look at the like-dislike ratio and find out if a video is trustworthy or not.
#*They show dislikes for creators, which defeats the purpose, and their excuse is "less stress and embarrassment", but that doesn't change anything.
#*To add salt to the wound, creators already have an option to hide likes and dislikes altogether.
#*Thankfully, you can get an extension to see the dislikes again, but as of now it is only available on Google Chrome, Firefox and Userscript, through it might break due to public dislikes count on the YouTube API would be removed, causing the count to be inaccurate without all users installing the extensions.
#*Even Jawed Karim, co-founder of YouTube, disapproved of this change.
#The site is filled to the brim with persistent and incredibly bothersome ads that play very frequently every time you start a video. They even play at the middle and even at the end. Talk about shameless revenue-farming.
#*In addition, YouTube started having 15-second ads that people couldn’t skip, and now there are 2 advertisements played at once. And they pop up before almost every monetized video.<ref>https://youtu.be/eUqIcy30Sxc</ref> That's '''more''' ads you watch on YouTube than you might watch on TV channels.
#*To add insult to injury, they play these ads in YouTube Music. And just recently, even if you reload the page, these ads will just keep popping up. This also ruins people's enjoyment of music, especially those who wish to play in linear order without interruption with these irritating ads blacking them.
#**And to make matters even worse, ads appear sometimes '''at the middle of the song you're listening''', something that not even radio or music channels would do.
#*You would have to buy the Premium version to keep these ads off, which just shows that the site is willing to affect its overall quality just to slam its consumers to the paywall.
#*As of November 18, 2020, YouTube started playing ads before non-monetized videos despite not paying creators who aren't in the YouTube Partner Program.
#There is also very little quality control when it comes to advertising. Almost '''anyone''' can be an advertiser.
#*As of 2020, with the increase in adverts, there have been instances of inappropriate ads appearing.
#*One infamous example is ads for "Brain Riddle" apps that showcase girls having their clothes taken off, which have been shown on kids videos, which directly violates COPPA.
#*There have also been instances of ads that contain '''uncensored swear words''' like "F*ck", "Sh*t", etc in them (eg, an ad for an audiobook app called ''WeHear'' showcases a sample from an independently-produced book called "Back and Better" that uses the words very frequently in the sample), which leads to a confusing matter: YouTubers can't say those words because they get demonetized, but the ads can?
#YouTube themselves also show favoritism towards Social justice warriors such as Anita Sarkeesian, as when her channel was taken down, it was put back up in less than 30 minutes, while usually, it takes, either way, more time or never. Even Susan Wojcicki is an SJW herself. They're also incredibly biased against right-wingers or centrists, as they restricted a video uploaded by Mr. Dapperton that was meant to debunk "white privilege".
#They've also allied with the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) to block conservative videos.
#Recently, YouTube stopped hiring white and Asian males for technical positions because it wants to improve diversity in the workplace, which is just racist and hypocritical considering the fact that Chad Hurley is white, Jawed Karim is half Asian, half white, and Steve Chen is Asian, and they are the founders of YouTube.
#This system is more strict with non-celebrity YouTubers than with mainstream media-related channels. For example, the YouTuber ''CaseyNeistat'' uploaded a video in which he stated that the ad revenue (along with the benefits of a ''GoFundMe'' campaign he made) will be donated to the victims of the tragic Las Vegas shooting. However, said the video was demonetized because, according to them, ''their policies say that they cannot run ads on videos about tragedies.'' Meanwhile, TV channels (like Jimmy Kimmel's show, for example), which talked about the same tragedy, had ads in their videos, even if they didn't state what was going to be done about the ad revenue.<ref>https://thenextweb.com/google/2017/10/06/youtube-casey-neistat-las-vegas/</ref>
#It censors and demonetizes many YouTubers who so much as dare to criticize it, like LeafyIsHere (currently Leafy Calvin) and SuperMarioLogan (mostly because of Jeffy), while other inappropriate YouTubers, such as Logan Paul, haven't received any penalties.
#*Speaking of Logan Paul, YouTube did nothing when he broke ''several community guidelines'', likely because of his high number of subscribers, until '''nine''' days after he uploaded the suicide forest vlog.
#*Even Susan Wojcicki defended Jake Paul without realizing his flaws such as looting a mall, hosting a house party during a pandemic, pulling horrible pranks, and his house being raided by the FBI.
#*Another thing about him is that YouTube now let him revived his ''The Thinning'' sequel, '''even after the horrible things he's done'''.
#*Sometimes, YouTube's censorship is ineffective with certain channels/videos that need to be taken down, like [[Lolokaust]].
#No security from spambots whatsoever. Comment bots, spambots that send troll comments on videos, are rampant as a result. Some of them send inappropriate comments to users asking if they wanna date with them, even though YouTube is not a dating website whatsoever. Others, most notably Tom/Todd, Logan (Not Logan Paul, the spambot) ask them if they wanna be their friends, and if they reply with anything, they can even '''hack''' their accounts. There's also a recent spambots that mostly appears on any video that has "unlocking X (e.g. iPhone/Windows) without Password/Passcode tutorial, which they spammed the comments section without getting them deleted, yet the YT Bots deleted actual users comment (shadowbanning) without notices.
#Ironically, with YouTube encouraging users to subscribe to black creators, it was also flagging them for inappropriate content, despite none being found of.
#Its copyright and Content ID system is a horrific mess and media-based channels' worst enemy, even before 2013. This can be considered one of the worst copyright systems ever made.
#*If you use a certain music from a popular music channel, it will mostly result into the video being instantly deleted for "copyright infringement", even though the used music is free to listen. It's a big problem when YouTubers want to use a music meme like Rickroll for entertaining videos.
#*The biggest problem is that most of the copyright verification claims on YouTube are done by bots that compare footage used in videos with the original copyrighted material. Since bots are just made of lines of code, they can put strikes on videos that are '''''authorized''''' to use the materials.
#*[https://youtu.be/w4WC9CbFEy8 One YouTuber once got his own voice copyright claimed thanks to the broken algorithm.]
#*Even when the source material is applied under fair use, it can still receive copyright strikes and may result in demonetization, age-restriction, videos or even entire channels removed, a lawsuit, or other penalties.
#*Furthermore, it's so flawed that some people can exploit the system and make false Content ID claims, like certain record labels, such as SME (Sony), WMG (Warner), and UMG (Universal); rights societies (especially LatinAutor); indie game developers, such as Digital Homicide, LLC, which used the flawed copyright system to silence negative press and criticism.
#*The Copyright Act of 1976 is rarely utilized as a lot of videos that use clips from movies are taken down.
#*Even ''Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'' music got taken down by a copyright holder '''who doesn't even own the songs'''. Keith and Matthew Strachan own it, along with the show's parent companies - 2waytraffic and Sony Pictures Television.
#*Sony falsely copyright-striked the open-source movie Sintel, in which the creators allowed people to redistribute the movie.
#*Even public domain material isn't safe. For example, Rumblefish falsely claimed copyright on a YouTube video of the public-domain song ''America the Beautiful'', as performed by the United States Navy Band, whose performances are all public-domain.
#*They terminated SiIvaGunner, a popular channel that had nearly a million subscribers, and uploaded parodies of video game music, due to copyright claims, forgetting that parodies are under Fair Use. But they're back now.
#Fighting Content ID claims is just as broken as the Content ID system itself;
#*The entire dispute process works on the presumption of guilt; rather than put the burden of proof on the claimant, it's up to the user to prove that their use of copyrighted content is not infringing. This system heavily favors large media corporations and punishes independent creators.
#*When a user disputes a Content ID claim, the ''copyright holder'', not YouTube themselves or an impartial third party, gets to decide whether or not the Content ID claim is valid. This is a conflict of interest when the claimed video is a ''review or critique'' of the copyright holder's material, which is (supposed to be) protected under fair use.
#*If the initial dispute is denied ''and'' the copyright holder doesn't immediately file for a DMCA takedown, the user can submit an appeal ''only if'' their account is in good standing; however, the copyright holder again gets to decide the validity of the claim. If the subsequent appeal is denied, the video gets taken down and a copyright strike is levied against the user's account. A copyright holder can request a "delayed takedown", in which the user can rescind their appeal within 7 days to keep their video up and avoid a copyright strike; however, if the user does so, then they permanently lose the ability to dispute that specific claim.
#*To get a copyright-stricken video reinstated, the user has to file a DMCA counter-notification, a legal action that can result in a lawsuit from the copyright holder.
#*During the dispute process, a claimed video can go as long as ''three months'' without being monetized if the copyright holder waits until the latest possible moment at each step to respond (30 calendar days for the initial dispute, another 30 calendar days for the subsequent appeal, and 10 to 14 business days for the DMCA counter-notification).
#Recently, many channels have been hacked and taken over by an unknown party to promote a cryptocurrency scam site called "Swell by Ripple." Not only did YouTube's staff do nothing to help content creators regain their lost channels, they inexplicably '''made those stolen channels "verified."'''
#*The purpose of being "verified" is to signify a channel is legitimate and to prevent impersonation. Before getting hacked, most of the affected channels tried to get a verified status but failed. However, YouTube made the channels under hacker control verified in little time.
#*Speaking of the hacked YouTube channels, since late 2019, there's a security breach on the site, in which, a spambot YouTube channels, such as Trap Town NCS, XimerTracks - Sub to Me, Tyler Winter, Tom, Music, Fake MrBeast channel, Call, Logan, and more, posting comments on random YouTuber's videos, be it either appreciating the video, asking to be friends, or both. even the banner encourages you to subscribes to them. these YouTube channels are said that '''they can access everything of the victim's YouTube channel, even before the victim's YouTube video is posted, through subscribing to them. thus, leading to the victim's YouTube channel being hacked.'''<ref>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwJLzjPCa5c</ref><ref>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07aliklZ1Ao</ref>
#*Not to mention, the spambot's videos on the "uploads" section on their home tab, actually leads to the same name and profile picture, but an entirely different channel. aside from that, the entirely different channel either mostly uploads "how to get X fast on YouTube", which violates YouTube's term of service, or ''Fortnite'' video games footage.
#A majority of their policies are plain stupid, unfair and unintelligent It blocks creators' access to Patreon unless videos are demonetized.
#The new Partner Program was well-intended but executed poorly, as it more easily gets channels with less than 4,000 views/1,000 subscribers per year monetized. This leads to the advertising system being absolutely terrible. The biggest problem about it is that anyone who monetizes their videos can become a sponsor, and broadcast advertisement videos with little to ''no'' quality control whatsoever. This leads to plenty of childish, inappropriate and false advertisements, along with scams. Also, there are some advertisements that keep appearing no matter what, since no one can block any of them anymore, most notably Grammarly's ads which are also terrible.
#*On the topic of that, a mobile game is known as ''[[mh:crappygames:Raid: Shadow Legends]]'' has scammed YouTubers like JonTron, DaftPina, and the Angry Video Game Nerd into doing continuous sponsorships in nearly every video they make. The game itself is just really a generic click-based RPG, yet it's advertised as one of the most "thrilling" games of all time. Many people have called them and the YouTubers out for this. In fact, a user has actually made a playlist featuring all the videos featuring the sponsorship, featuring 171 videos.
#*The company's excuse for this? They don't sponsor, they "cooperate only with famous YouTubers who play their game and do not pay their money for it." That is nothing but a straight-up lie and poor excuse to keep doing the same thing over and over again. They were slammed by users for the Twitter post they made.
#Some channels, like the music critic Anthony Fantano's meme review channel, ''thatistheplan'', got permanently demonetized no matter which videos were submitted to it, essentially killing off the channel.
#Some of the most requested features were the ability to play videos in the background on mobile and an official way to save and download videos. Well, those features were added... ''behind a paywall.''<ref>https://www.youtube.com/premium</ref>
#*Charging to play YouTube videos outside of the mobile application is completely unnecessary.
#*Also, those requested features are auto-disabled for videos and shorts that are age-restricted or made for kids, partially defeating the point of paying for these features.
#Recently, comments can be ghosted for various "trigger phrases," such as "spoilers." If a comment is ghosted, you cannot see it anywhere other than your account, effectively wasting your time. An easy way to tell is when the number of comments shown does not increase, but in other instances, it might not be obvious. You can not see a comment count increase but the comment might be there and vice versa. YouTube can also shadowban accounts with ideologies that oppose theirs, and these two facts are not stated anywhere in YouTube's official information and are difficult to dig info on.
#The algorithm is inconsistent and leaves random videos, regardless of what language and how old they are, to appear in everyone's recommendations for no apparent reason.
#*The Trending tab is a cesspool in which barely ever you'll find good content and most of the time you'll find clickbait, a TV show reuploads a music video, or any viral video (at least the latter is obvious). Another thing worth mentioning is that it's region-locked, so if you want to see another country's trends, you have to manually change your location by scrolling to the bottom, since there's no global trending ranking in a feature aimed at the mainstream audience.
#*The Recommended Videos section can mostly pop up and function quite poorly, as it may display videos you have already watched (some of which as recent as ''yesterday''), videos that are from channels you've already subscribed to, or even ''your own videos'' and videos that ''bash your hobbies''. It is also prone to catching clickbait and kids/toy videos.
#Their YouTube Rewind, an official mega-collab video that serves as a recap of the year, has a lot of problems that have been made worse and worse over the years:
#*Their way of choosing the guests makes no sense. Most of the time, they are the same people regardless of how popular they were during the year, missing a lot of important content creators during the said year, like PewDiePie in both 2017 and 2018, the latter being even more nonsensical since it was the year of Meme Review and the T-Series vs. PewDiePie trend.
#*Speaking of guests, they have been including more and more celebrities, which isn't inherently bad but feels out of place in a video about YouTube.
#*The problems in the guests' choosing also affect the trends' choosing. As an example, in the [[YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind|2018 Rewind]], they didn't make a reference to Stefan Karl (actor of Robbie Rotten in LazyTown)'s passing away (in the form of homage, like they did with David Bowie), the aforementioned T-Series vs. PewDiePie, the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight, etc.... yet they put ''Fortnite'' dances (when they already made a ''Fortnite'' reference at the start and in the middle), the Royal Wedding (was broadcasted on YouTube, but other than that it has nothing to do with it) and Baby Shark.
#*In 2018, they used the Premiere feature. However, it was premiered two hours before the upload, and the chat was restricted to the collaborators, which made the Premiere chat isolated from the rest of the audience.
#*It's obvious that they try to appeal to the mainstream audience more than to the YouTube audience.
#*In fact, the 2018 Rewind became the most disliked YouTube video of all time in a mere two weeks, even surpassing Baby by Justin Bieber.
#*In 2019, their most recent YouTube Rewind was just a top 10 of 'things they liked', while they also got things they didn't like, contradicting what they're saying.
#*In 2021, YouTube officially announced that after skipping 2020, Rewind would be discontinued due to negative reception/dislikes.
#YouTube's moderation bots are incredibly unintelligent. They think that anything with the initials CP, such as ''[[Mh:awesomegames:Club Penguin|Club Penguin]]'', is automatically meaning child pornography. This led to a lot of Club Penguin channels (or channels unrelated to Club Penguin that made a video on it such as Vailskibum94) getting falsely terminated. It also basically allows actual pedophiles to roam around the platform, as it's simple to avoid using the initials CP and overall get away with violating the guidelines.
#*The bots was also the one that deletes certain comments on new/small creators and mark it as spam for no reason, yet they allowed the actual Spambots without deleting those (most noticeable on any tutorial about "How to unlock X").
#*As already mentioned, they also strike channels that are authorized to use copyrighted material.
#*In August 2019, they have deleted some robot combat videos because they think these videos promoted animal abuse when the animals they see in robot combat videos are just robots based on animals.
#*Based on Google's transparency report data on video removal appeal, the success rate of appeals is approximately 25%.<ref>https://web.archive.org/web/20211130005600/https://transparencyreport.google.com/youtube-policy/removals?hl=en&total_removed_videos=period%3A2021Q2%3Bexclude_automated%3Aall&lu=total_removed_videos</ref>
#Regarding the issue of child predators, YouTube released an update in late February 2019, where content creators can get their videos '''demonetized if the''' '''comment section has inappropriate content'''. The update was widely hated by everyone and says that it shares many similarities with YouTube Heroes, where it could be easily abused by trolls to destroy channels, forcing most content creators to either disable the comment section or risk demonetization. The second Adpocalypse only makes the situation worse because creators have no control over what users comment on (they can report or block them, but that's it).
#It has basically turned into a heavily censored platform that does not stray very far off from Chinese video streaming sites such as Youku. The front pages of controversial search results are all mainstream or apologist reports defending the subject on their view while anything that does not conform to that view is wiped out or purged quickly. This has accelerated after [[Mh:awesomegames:GamerGate]] and is not a coincidence.
#*'''Heavy censorship in the comments''': YouTube's censorship even extends in the comment sections, often to highly absurd levels. It automatically hides (or deletes) any language commented on that it deems inappropriate within ~15 seconds, which is plain ridiculous, even the simplest of insults, such as "jackass", or "doofus". They will also delete comments that contain slurs that are spoken every day, even if they are censored by the users themselves, yet leaving some unpunished such as "asshole". They also can delete any comments posted on any channel/videos for no reason (or because they are using Adblockers and/or different browsers like Firefox (including its forks), through results was varied), and falsely marked as spam (due to the fact that their moderating system for the comments are done by bots, which they rely due to pandemic that limited their employees from checking the comments, or likely YT trying to prevent user from commenting using different browser or with Adblockers). This just once more proves how hypocritical the site is and forcing users to conform to their politically correct policies.
#*They censor donations through a feature named Super Chat - if one of YouTube's algorithms thinks a donation is "inappropriate" the money will go to charity instead of the creator, and the channel being donated to will get community guidelines strikes.
#*The result of them censoring YouTubers who have opposite views are now facing a lawsuit by PragerU.<ref>https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/prageru-headed-new-legal-defeat-censorship-conservatives-youtube-1249973</ref>
#*Treats some weapon-related channels harshly. They once demonetized several of ZombieGoBoom's (now ZGB Studios) videos simply because they are "not family-friendly". They also moved InRangeTV to PornHub.<ref>https://www.tubefilter.com/2018/03/21/gun-channel-in-range-tv-pornhub/</ref> (Thankfully, he is back on YouTube.) They are also demonetizing Tigerfield (a Youtuber who uploads videos showcasing weapons from various video games) because he was reusing content, even though his videos ''themselves'' are recorded and edited exclusively by him, which is the reason why he hasn't been uploading that often lately, as said on his [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4RUWwarbjk Blaser R93 video].
#*The search results nowadays are restrictive and limited. When you search for something related to politics, the results would put non-criticism videos as relevant, while putting the rest below.
#As YouTube made their allowable content policies stricter, they are also removing videos uploaded prior to the changes when such content was allowed. Thankfully, YouTube usually does not apply strikes to such removals.<ref>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEV_3Vt62qY</ref>
#The "Latest YouTube posts" feature is a very abysmal feature. Not only is it very annoying but also useless, especially when they only show comments. They also show you posts from channels you're not even subscribed to. Even if these channels are blocked, their posts will still appear. And of course, there is no way to remove this widget from the YouTube page when you're logged in. Therefore, the true reason that made the feature "very abysmal" is because it also does show you posts with pornographic images. Some channels (Like ''Classic Cartoonz'') put pornographic pictures on their posts that can be seen by everyone, which means '''underaged people might see it'''. That shows once again how bots are unintelligent and how YouTube staff are full of incompetence because although they removed the pictures later, they did not terminate those channels which is unacceptable. And of course, even if their pictures are removed, those channels keep posting more porn photos.
#The default on YouTube since 2015 has been an autoplay setting so that when a person finishes watching a video, another video (which the viewer did not choose) automatically begins playing. This setting can be turned off, but the fact that is the default is extremely irritating.
#YouTube channels have been suspended for using emotes on live streams they pay YouTube $5 for.<ref>https://9to5google.com/2019/11/09/google-account-bans-youtube-emote-spam-Markiplier/</ref>
#After getting in a $170,000,000 lawsuit with the FTC, YouTube decides it should show compliance to Children Online Private Protection Act (COPPA) despite being a +13 website, enacting the COPPA Policy in January 2020 that many consider a censorship attempt. There are many flaws with how YouTube chose to implement COPPA compliances mentioned in this [[Controversies surrounding Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and YouTube|separate article]].
#YouTube does not always work properly. It loads way slower on Firefox than on the Chromium browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.), needless to say, because it encourages Google products and puts third parties down, much like [[Mh:crappygames:Microsoft|Microsoft]] trying to push their customers to use their first-party products rather than stick to third-party. It's also the case for devices using older processors, as it uses more CPU cycles than most video streaming sites. As a result, people with older processors have to download the videos through unofficial means and play them in a media player. Otherwise, they can't watch videos at all. This even happens on processors '''powerful enough''' to run Dolphin Emulator, a demanding GameCube/Wii emulator or even more demanding ones like RPSC3.
#*The Restricted Mode change is very broken as people try to turn it off when it got enabled by itself, then it will still be enabled, upsetting YouTube users who don't want Restricted Mode on. It's also heavily enforced by school districts.
#*The Desktop site is incredibly painful to navigate, even on high end mobile devices using Chrome. It is very laggy and too large, can likely freezing/crashing Firefox-based (including it's forks) browsers, and users navigating the Settings might find themselves risking losing their Watch and Search History and other data such as comments.
#They have a tendency of removing features that were positively received instead of even improving them.
#*On September 28, 2020, they removed the Community Captions feature, which impacted deaf communities and people with language barriers. Their excuse was that it was "barely used and had problems with spam/abuse", but the change has received extremely negative criticism from deaf users.<ref>https://www.theverge.com/2020/7/31/21349401/youtube-community-captions-deaf-creators-accessibility-google</ref> Though, it could be justified that the Community Captions had gotten very little use, though.
#*They have removed comments on all Music-Topic videos on December 14, 2020, for no apparent reason.
#The dislike button on comments does nothing. This did not use to be the case, which it's worked like how Reddit upvotes/downvotes works, but around 2013 (which also the same year which Google+ was integrated into YouTube comments section) or so the ability to see dislikes on a comment was removed.<ref>https://youtu.be/61ycBjjpvJQ</ref>
#*On March 30th, 2021, YouTube stated that "In response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns, we're testing a few new designs that don't show the public dislike count". This was heavily criticized by many users with many pointing out how pointless it was since creators can still see the dislikes.<ref>https://twitter.com/YouTube/status/1376942486594150405</ref>
#*You also can't see the dislikes in community posts!
#This site has age-restriction, an unnecessary feature that blocks guest users from accessing restricted videos, and forces them to be 18 or older with an account. As of September 22, 2020, YouTube no longer allows users to watch age-restricted videos embedded on third party apps and sites such as (NewPipe, Invidious, Listen on Repeat, NSFW YouTube, proxies, downloaders, etc.) and force them to only watch it on YouTube. As of October 2021, thumbnails of any age-restricted video are blurred out if the user was not logged in. This is very similar to DeviantArt's mature filter. The user was able to bypass the age-restriction by watching on the embedded player, such as by using NSFW YouTube (nsfwyoutube.com), by just putting "nsfw" before "youtube", then clicking on the red text saying "HERE", and watching the age-restricted video, but that is no longer possible as of November 2021, and the site now redirects to nsfwallet.com.
#*Users who live in European countries such as United Kingdom now have to verify there age by showing YouTube an id, passport, and driver's license which means Google will now see your private information. It takes '''three days''' just to verify your age.
#The Brand Account compatibility is flawed, especially during the Google+ era. When you move your channel to an alternate Google account, known as a Brand Account, your watch and search history will be wiped out and your recommendations will reset. Not only it wastes your time, but it also erases years-worth of history that could be revisited if you want to watch old videos.
#*Sometimes it causes errors when you try to return your channel to the original account.
#Speaking of which, the mobile web version of the site's History page has a terrible interface. The "Clear Watch History" and "Pause Watch History" are left out in the open, which might guarantee accidental pressing from the users, especially if they use a laggy processor, in contrast to the mobile app, where said buttons are located in the History Controls section.
#Starting on June 1, 2021, YouTube has the power to monetize all videos from the platform, regardless if they are in the YPP or not.
#The infamous step they've done about unlisted videos that released before January 1, 2017 since July 23, 2021 and all the neglects about that they've didn't updated properly about that.
#If you don't interact with the app/website for a certain amount of time, it will pause itself and ask you if you want to continue watching. This is particularly annoying if you intend to listen to a playlist or a long music video for hours.
#On the app, automatic resolution is selected by default, and there is no way to set the highest resolution as the default. Therefore, if YouTube automatically sets a low resolution and you want to watch at a higher resolution, you must manually select it.
#*To add insult to injury, the video quality setting prompts you to select auto, higher picture quality, data saver, or advanced. Higher picture quality is usually not the highest resolution. If you want the highest quality, you must click advanced to manually select a resolution, which adds an additional click. While this may help users who have less technical knowledge and may not understand video resolution, it requires additional clicks compared to the older resolution selector UI which only prompts you to select the specific resolution or auto.
#The poorly generated auto captions on videos suck.. Especially because of the fact that they capitalize "apple" even if the context '''rules out the tech company.'''
==Redeeming Qualities==
==Why It Sucks==
#It serves a crappy infomations about something that are good or bad.
#[[mh:freshwebsites:YouTube (2005-2016)|The site was much better before 2017]].
#They're really biased towards people such as swears, offensive, etc.
#The site is still fun to use, as you can still make all kinds of videos, however you unfortunately still have limits.
#Sometimes they can put opinion based on a page that aren't accurate enough.
#It has a very unique interesting concept, and was somewhat revolutionary for the time.
#They made a stupid decision about peoples getting bad at Bad Qualities, '''That's against the COC.'''
#Without YouTube, many memes and other internet technologies wouldn't have been a thing, such as Trololo (the nickname of former Russian singer's song Я Очерь Рад, Ведь Я Наконец Возвращаюсь), the Crash Bandicoot "Woah!" meme, YouTube Poops, Charlie bit my finger (which unfortunately got marked as made for kids and got sold as an NFT, therefore being unlisted, through it's has been already reuploaded way before it's got unlisted or even NFT was popular nowadays), Nyan Cat and others. There also wouldn't have been great YouTubers making great videos, and many old videos are still watchable to this very day.
#You can get blocked for indefinitely by vandalizing at just 1 page which is laughably stupid.
#They added the dark theme for free without having to use a browser extension, which was also highly requested. The dark theme is good for watching videos during night, and also reduces epilepsy.
#They support The Outcast Network which is unacceptable because they're just too toxic to be work here.
#There are still a plenty of really great YouTubers. It helped many talented internet celebrities such as Cinemassacre, PewDiePie, MrBeast, Tobuscus, etc. rise to fame.
#Unlike many other social websites that only have a like button, YouTube actually has a dislike button for videos and comments too, which became finally an option for users to show that they don't like certain videos.
#They are against Elsagate channels which appear to be towards kids but contain disturbing or otherwise inappropriate content. Since 2017, they started taking down these channels.
#It is still a popular website with tons of informative resources such as tutorials and tech support and let's play, animation, vlogging, speed paint and many other types of videos. Thus, the slogan of YouTube since then, "Broadcast yourself".
#YouTube Premium has lots of good web series (even though it can be considered an unoriginal service to some).
#Google+ integration has been discontinued, with that service shutting down on April 2nd, 2019.
#They are against Article 13 despite hypocrisy.
#In an interview with YouTuber Penguinz0, Susan and the other top members of YouTube were very open to whatever questions Penguinz had and were very transparent, giving honest answers and recognizing the many faults of YouTube from the trending page to the poor communication with creators and staff. They also stated that there are going to be big changes to YouTube in 2021 in an attempt to fix the many issues Critikal brought up. This does show that Susan and the team actually care about the site, sometimes.
#Some people do get banned and age-restricted for reasonable reasons. In addition, even though bad YouTubers are still thriving on this platform, they still did terminate some of the worst users' channels like Peluchin Entertainment, Princess Ash and most importantly, ImJayStation who was widely infamous for constantly exploiting the dead in his creepypasta videos. With Susan Wojcicki promising to improve the site for 2021, this site would also terminate a lot more YouTubers who violate their guidelines.
#Some members of cartoon police groups go after users who have committed serious crimes (i.e., child pornography) and actually get them arrested in real life.
#The site promised there would be an upset to make YouTube safe for kids.
#After receiving criticism that musician royalty payments were low, the YouTube #Music service increased its royalty rates.
#Although it could be considered a bad quality to some, YouTube can get addicting.
#Susan Wojcicki herself admitted that YouTube Rewind 2018 was bad. She also apologized for the verification removal.
#EU users can bypass the verify your age by using a VPN.
#Most bad or average YouTubers aren't actually terrible people in general, like Kwebbelkop. Some bad Youtubers have also improved themselves overtime like Logan Paul, Calobi Productions, and even Morgz. Even some bad channels used to be good once.
#They have a live-streaming feature similar to Twitch, and it actually is a major competitor to the latter.
#With translation being integrated from Google's takeover, it can translate auto-generated captions into more than 50 languages, for viewers who cannot understand videos in foreign languages.
#YouTube TV is a solid alternative for cable TV, with 100 local stations and popular cable channels for half the price of cable.
#They will remove blatant copyright infringement (such as stolen videos) if the creator files a complaint.
#Starting in October 2021, YouTubers with 500 or more subscribers can get their community tabs early.
==The Only Redeeming Quality==
#Sometimes it's helpful for peoples who checked these if they're good or not.
*Currently, there is little to no viable competitor to YouTube, although the most recent popular rivals: BitChute and Rumble have been seeing some success. However, the websites are designed very archaically and aren't as intuitive, and are filled to the brim with political and conspiracy content. Just like Steam, YouTube is a virtual monopoly and the user base has to tolerate it until something else takes over and can properly rival it. There are still some minor competitors to YouTube like Vimeo, Dailymotion, [[mh:freshwebsites:Vlare|Vlare]], Odyssey or PeerTube.
*This is currently the [[Special:LongPages|longest page on this wiki.]]
File:KjPsd8oInZLN ZPziX0yFvetCQTNr8l 3uQB55iHsCs.jpg
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Why It Sucks

  1. It serves a crappy infomations about something that are good or bad.
  2. They're really biased towards people such as swears, offensive, etc.
  3. Sometimes they can put opinion based on a page that aren't accurate enough.
  4. They made a stupid decision about peoples getting bad at Bad Qualities, That's against the COC.
  5. You can get blocked for indefinitely by vandalizing at just 1 page which is laughably stupid.
  6. They support The Outcast Network which is unacceptable because they're just too toxic to be work here.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Sometimes it's helpful for peoples who checked these if they're good or not.


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